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7 Uncommon Pets Singapore Uni Students Can Keep While Staying in Dorms

Are you thinking of keeping a pet in your university dorm room? Great idea! Pets often prove to be great companions for your university life. If you have left your home behind for the first time and are apprehensive of what the world of the university will be like, pets will definitely make you feel more at home.

Pets are also considered to be an amazing source of therapy and comfort as university life can be really challenging for most and in those times, it is comforting to have a companion that loves you unconditionally.

First of All – Pets may not be allowed at University

When it comes to choosing a pet for keeping in your dorm room, you will be faced with a few limitations which may prevent you from getting the pet of your choice. Firstly, you will have to check if your university administration allows students to have animals in their room and whether there are any restrictions on the kind of animal allowed.

For example, The National University of Singapore and the Nanyang Technological University prohibit students from keeping any type of pets whereas the Singapore Management University allows students to keep service animals such as dogs which are trained for a specific purpose or even therapy animals for emotional comfort of the students.

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You will also have to take into consideration your roommate’s opinion on having a pet living in the room. For example, he or she could be allergic to certain animals or may have a childhood fear. You will also want to have a pet that does not need too much attention as you will be busy with classes and other activities most of the day.

So, what are the Best Pets for University Students?

1. Fish

Isn’t it soothing to just watch fish swimming calmly around in their tank? Imagine how great it would be to have your own fish tank with a fish of your choice in your dorm room.

The easiest pet to have, fish, will require absolutely no attention from you. You can choose the size of your fish tank depending on how much space is available and buy a few fishes to keep in it.

You can also buy decorations for the tank to make it even livelier. All you will have to do is feed the fish twice a day and make sure that the tank remains clean.

2. Hamsters

They are small, cuddly and cute. What else could you want in a pet, right? Hamsters have always been favorites as pets for kids as well as university students. You will need to buy a cage for your hamster, preferably with a wheel in it which will keep your hamster happy all day long.

It does not cost much to feed a hamster and they do not mind being left alone for a long period of time. Another advantage of having a hamster as a pet is that you can even carry him around with you in your pocket.

3. Terrapins

Terrapins belong to the turtle family except for the fact that they swim in fresh water such as ponds and lakes as opposed to the ocean. Terrapins make great pets as they require very little space and are quiet and unimposing. You can get a glass box for keeping your terrapin in and turn it into a suitable habitat for him.

Regular cleaning of the habitat is a must but can easily be managed on a weekly basis. You will have to keep in mind that terrapins can live up to 40 years or even more, so you will probably have to take your terrapin with you even after you graduate from university. Thus, if you are getting a terrapin, be prepared for a long-term commitment.

4. Hermit Crabs

Similar to turtles, hermit crabs also require their own habitat with regular food and water. They will not disturb you when you are studying and yet, they are the most interesting pet with their colorful shells.

Hermit crabs are some of the most low maintenance pets that you can have. You wouldn’t even have to buy separate food for them as these little things are happy enough to eat any unprocessed food such as raw vegetables and fruits.

5. Rabbits

Who wouldn’t want to come back to their room every evening to their furry little friend with an overload of cuteness? Rabbits do require a little effort on their owners’ part as they tend to be quite messy and their cage will require cleaning on a regular basis.

However, you can also have your rabbit out of its cage and cuddle him in your lap while you study. You can even teach your rabbits a few tricks and train him to show him off to your friends.

6. Lizards

Lizards are popular as pets for those who do not like to go for the cute and cuddly. They make great pets for university students as they require little space and will patiently spend the whole day lying in their cage.

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It also does not take much to feed them as they are content with even dead flies that they can catch themselves if you let them out for an hour or two. They are also the quietest pet which ensures that you do not get disturbed while studying.

7. Tree Frog

A tree frog makes an interesting pet and an immediate conversation starter for anyone visiting your dorm room. Tree frogs, however, require some set up for their habitat. You will have to build a habitat with sufficient foliage and branches for the frog.

Also, if your university is located in a cold and dry area then you may have to get a heat lamp for the frog to remain warm.

Your Turn

Pets can, undoubtedly, prove to be a great stress-buster when you are bored with your back to back university tuition and classes. They will relax you inside-out and keep your spirit alive.

So, which one if your favorite pick? Do let us know in the comments below.

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