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Star Tips to Get You Ready for IELTS Preparation

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular English language competency test for work, study, and migration. This testing system has over 3 million tests done in the previous year.

To be certain that you perform well in this test, it’s important that you begin your IELTS prep work well in advance.

What does the IELTS test involve? This a 3-hour test seeks to evaluate you on all 4 language skills -reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

How then can you best prepare for this exam for best results? Let us take a look at some helpful ways to assist you during your preparation.

Know The Test Format

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the test format. Normally, there are 2 IELTS modules: IELTS Academic – This is for you If you are considering taking an undergrad or postgraduate course. Or you wish to join professional organisations in English speaking countries.

IELTS General Training – This module is for those individuals who would like to migrate, train or study below the degree level, this module choice is best for them.

Do both of these modules offer the same exam? For both of these IELTS tests, listening and speaking test sections stay the same, however, writing and reading sections will differ.

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Use the IELTS sample question for practice

You can opt to use IELTS preparation books given during the time you are taking your registration test. Also, these books are available online for you to download or get them from your IDP registration center.

How can you ensure that you answer the questions properly? Be sure to analyse well each question, underline keywords, take notes, and then plan your answers properly.

What can you do to get the most from sample questions? Apply this simple action throughout the practice sessions to help you score well. Additionally, ask for feedback from your mentors and improve on those areas you have some weakness. Use sample mock exams to time yourself.

Remain calm prior to the exam day

Make sure that you go through all IELTS format and test rules to check that you haven’t left anything out. Also, make sure that have proper meals and get sufficient sleep well ahead of the test. how will proper meals and enough sleep help you in your exams? In following this, it will help keep you fresh and active throughout the test.

Another thing to consider is that you leave early to avoid getting stuck in traffic on your way to the test center.

Why is this important? Being early, helps you avoid getting tense and stressed as you manoeuvre through the traffic.

Improve your skills in the English language

Improving language skill take time. Hence it’s best that you begin working on enhancing your skills in advance.

How can you improve your language skills? Some handy tips to help you include, speak, read, and write in English as often as possible. Make this practice part of your routine. Start a group and get practicing to speak English. Listen to the radio or English news channel and read English newspapers.

Watch movies with English subtitles. Read widely to grow your reading speed. Try to understand the context to help you scan the given material for answers. Be attentive to your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Be relevant, precise, and within the mandatory word count.

What to do on your exam day

Remember these little factors to stay calm as you take the exam and do your best. Ensure you have the relevant ID proofs. Have the same ID document you used during the test application. Be attentive as your supervisor gives instructions, and ask when you have any doubts.

Attempt all questions since there is no wrong marking. Don’t try to copy or cheat during the exams. As directed by your supervisor, leave your bags outside the exam hall. Also, don’t take the answer sheet or question paper with you. Seek for permission from your supervisor before you leave the room.

Use the Authorised IELTS practice resources

IELTS has formulated 2 official sets of practice materials, aimed at helping you know the exam format and the kind of exam questions: Vol. 1 IELTS Practice resources (with CD); Vol. 2 IELTS Practice resources (with DVD).

Both these resources offer good samples for the reading, Listening, speaking and Writing plus Speaking testing with illustration answers and also examiner comments.

The Vol. 1 CD has samples for the Listening test while the Vol. 2 DVD shows them the Spoken test. These practice resources are supported by the IELTS partners and are available for purchase from IELTS test centers or from Cambridge University Press.

Consider taking a preparation course

When you see that you need some assistance in preparing for the test, language schools and IELTS centers the world over offer IELTS prep courses. You may not have to go to the preparation course, however, most test takers think doing this helps them better their performance.

IELTS will measure your writing, reading, listening as well as speaking skills. It also assesses your communicate ability for life, study, and work in an English-speaking country. Be sure to register in advance since the test open slots on a specific date can be limited. For this reason, contact the center immediately to secure a slot.

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In Closing

IELTS English language is the most popular measures competency test for work, study, and migration. This a 3-hour test seeks to evaluate you on all 4 language skills -reading, speaking, listening, and writing Be sure you understand the test format. Since the IELTS has 2 modules ( academic and general training), the second section of the exam is different.

During your test, attempt all questions since there is no wrong marking. And don’t copy or cheat during the exams. Also, when you need assistance in preparing for your test, you can choose to take IELTS preparation courses.

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