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Should You Send Your Kids to a Co-Ed or Same Gender School?

When you are picking a school for your child, you will probably find yourself wondering if it would be good to enrol your child in a co-ed school or a same-gender school.

While most same-gender schools are in the elite range, there are plenty of great co-ed schools as well. Both schools present benefits and disadvantages for your child.

But, if you cannot figure out if you should consider it for your child, here is our quick guide about this topic:

Co-ed? Same-gender? What does it mean?

Co-ed or co-education means that the school is adopting an inclusive system that allows both boys and girls to learn together in one school. There is no bias when it comes to how much each student is learning.

Currently, it is the most popular education system in Singapore with only a few schools offering a same-gender system.

Co-ed school benefits

There are at least four major benefits to co-ed schools and they are:

1. It promotes gender equality

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Since boys and girls learn together in the same class and do the same activities, they will be able to understand gender equality better.

In same-gender schools, there is a bias and preconception on other genders. Co-ed schools welcome all students and give them equal treatment.

There are no special treatments given to students and each student is graded based on their performance.

2. It promotes mutual respect

A co-ed school ensures that both boys and girls can interact with one another and learn how to share the space without distrust.

Both genders can see what the others are doing; helping them understand one another. The school also provides them with an avenue where they can share ideas and discuss each other’s ideas and opinions.

Same-gender schools do not have this open space for both genders to interact.

Students of the same gender can only interact with one another and share ideas. They cannot challenge these ideas with others unless they go out of the school.

3. It helps self-esteem

Co-ed schools are perfect when it comes to helping students have a sense of dignity and boost their self-esteem.

Co-ed schools have students with all kinds of personalities and they will learn how to deal with these types. The system also helps both boys and girls to respect one another and boost their confidence to face the world with no fear.

Same-gender schools do not guarantee this factor for students. Since students have the same gender, they would get used to interacting with only their fellow male or female.

Once they go out of school, they cannot speak out to the opposite sex because they are unaware of their personalities or just plain shy of the opposite sex.

4. It helps them for the future

Once a student steps out of school, they will be faced with all sorts of characters, both male and female.

Since the student has already met some of these personalities while in a co-ed school, they will not have any trouble interacting with others. They will also be able to work with them and succeed in the future.

Same-gender students may take a while to get used to the opposite gender before they can work with them.

Same-gender school benefits

Same-gender school, as its name implies, is a school system that only allows students from a certain gender to enrol. Their classes are adjusted to fit the preferences of the gender the school supports.

There are at least three benefits to same-gender schools which parents and students should consider:

1. It has lesser distractions

When a student is in a co-ed school, there is a possibility that they can get distracted easily by various factors.

Most notably, they can get distracted by their attraction to the opposite sex. Co-ed students also experience emotional and psychological changes faster, affecting their performance.

In same-sex schools, students do not have to worry about being drawn by their peers as they can focus more on their studies and their growth. Their classmates know your priorities and they share it with zeal.

2. It has less academic hurdles

According to some studies, girls are more proficient in speech and languages while boys are good with math. Considering this analysis, co-ed schools will find it difficult to determine which students need further help with their classes.

Class participation is also very low because one gender group is outshining the other. If this happens, it may cause friction between classmates and affect the classroom’s vibes.

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In same-gender schools, teachers can easily monitor which student may need assistance and tutoring.

Lessons will also be at an easy pace since it is already adjusted to the student’s current level. Some may even be able to learn specializations faster than they would in co-ed schools.

3. Students have fewer relationships

Students spend most of their days in school. They are constantly surrounded by their classmates and learn with each other. However, if your child is in a co-ed school, there is a risk of them falling in love with their classmates at an early age.

If children are not monitored and guided accordingly, it can lead to unwanted pregnancies and social trauma.

In same-gender schools, girls or boys do not have to worry about getting into flings. Some same-gender schools can be very particular about relationships, especially for girls.

Final Thoughts?

Both kinds of education systems present good arguments on why they should be the school to choose for your child. A student’s learning environment at school influences their performance, which is why it is crucial to look at both systems thoroughly.

While deciding with your child, do your research about the co-ed or same-gender schools you are looking at. Learn more about classes, their students’ performance and the learning environment of the school. You should also make it a point to visit the school with your child and ask the staff about the school.

When you see both types of schools, ask your child where they want to be enrolled. Even if one has an advantage over the other, your child might have some ideas in mind on what kind of school they like to enrol in.

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