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Only 1 Month before the N-Levels: What You Should Do

As you study in school or college, you might start feeling like your entire life rotates around exams. It’s like once one set of study is done you are immediately pulled into another!

Luckily, there are several things you can do as you prepare for your N-levels to help lessen the pain. All in all, ensure you are ready and you’ll have a better chance to succeed.

Ask Teachers For Help

Realize that teachers are there to assist you to pass your N-level exams and possibly land a job or you go to the next stage in your education. Also, don’t forget that teachers have to support hundreds of students get through their exams every year. However, in general, their goals are in alignment with yours.

Keep in mind that the teacher is not your nemesis or opponent: teachers are not out to irritate you or frustrate you.

How can you include your teachers in your revision plan? Realize that teachers are at all times ready to assist you with your studies. Thus, make the most of the help you can get and you won’t regret it.

Understand The Marking Scheme

It’s very important that you are aware of how marks are allocated. The grades for each Standard subject are awarded A* followed by  A, B, C, D, or E.

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How can understanding the marking scheme help me?

Understand how the Subject T-Scores is calculated and how the Aggregate T-Score is computed can make a difference in choosing which weak subjects to focus your attention on.

Narrow the weak subjects and break down chapters that you are not familiar with can reduce your revision time on each topic and allowing you to be more productive during revision.

Plan Your Revision

You might have heard that it’s easier to revise for a small amount of time for a long period instead of trying to cram all your revision a night before exam day.

How can I make the most of my revision program? Different strategies work for different people and there are people who find concentrated revision best for them. But, you need to find a strategy that suits you.

A good tip to help instill the revision habit: be revising between specific set times during the day whether you want to or not.

Another great tip is to mix your revision session with relaxing activities. This helps stop the from brain overload. Take walks, play sports, listen to music provided you can separate breaks and distractions.

Prioritize Weak Subjects

Plan to revise everything, however, commit more time to subjects you know less of or don’t understand.

What can you do if you do not know which subjects you am weak in? Look at the marks you have received in your coursework during the entire year or ask your teacher.

Also, prioritizing weak subjects goes back to you knowing the marking scheme. Even when you know 2subjects by heart and always get perfect marks, when you cannot write a third essay, then you risk losing about a third of your marks.

Thus weak subjects can have a disproportionate impact on your overall mark, bringing the whole grade much lower. For this reason, give your weak subjects more focus.

Keep Practicing

As teachers frequently tell you, exams are a theoretical way of testing your understanding and knowledge and the aim of studying is that you get a proper education, not just to pass the exams.

Its possible your teachers will have you to attempt past papers or real exam questions. When not, find those papers and questions yourself and answer them under real exam settings.

Practicing exam papers and questions under the pressure of time is the best way to better your exam performance. Remember that exam papers are usually the same people set the exam from year to year so specific topics will come up every time.

Use Memory Aids

It may be rather hard to remember everything you should know for your exam, so make use of memory aids when you need to. Consider taking this idea a step further and learn lists of things that you should remember.

Can this method help me revise all essay? You can even study whole plans for essays that could crop up in your exam. What you’ll need to do is note the initial letters of each word you wish to remember and create a sentence that assists you to remember the letters.

This method can help you remember half a dozen essays in order by simply memorizing 6 simple sentences!

Answer The Question Correctly

Remember, you should be certain that you answer all question properly. When you memorize essays be prepared to write them on the exam. Ensure that the essays you write are what the examiner expects to read.

So what can you do to ensure that you understand the set questions? The more advanced you are, its likely that you will find the essay questions for your exams are not completely straightforward.

Meaning you will have to understand the question for you to actually know what it is about. Again, doing past papers can help you understand what you are being asked and show your knowledge as the examiner is expecting.

Take Away

Studying in school or college could make you feel like your entire life rotates around exams. However, you need to realize that the aim of studying is to provide you with a good education and not just to pass exams.

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Before you do any exams, make sure you understand where the marks will be come from. With this knowledge, you will be able to allocate your efforts based on subjects that you are weak in.

Also, ask your teachers for help, whenever you need help with a specific subject as you prepare for your N-level exams. Your teachers can also help you recognize those subjects that you are weak in an with this info you can plan your revision sessions to dedicate more time to studying for this subjects.

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