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How to Effectively Utilize Your English Home Tutor to Learn English

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English is the most widely used and important language in the world. Students who struggle in English will undoubtedly face many struggle and disadvantages in their careers in the future. Hence, many students have started to engage the services of a English home tutor to help them improve in their English language.

However, so many students hire English language tutors for months and months and never improve. Unfortunately for them, mastering English will likely never happen. Don’t be that student! Commit yourself today to start improving and mastering the language.

Here are 2 things you can immediately start doing with the help of your English home tutor so that you can start improving in your mastery of the language.

1. Get a vocabulary and phrase book

A great piece of essay or speech is made up of a thousand different words. Your journey to becoming great at English is to start by learning word by word. Make sure you keep your vocabulary and phrase books should with you at all of your English tuition lessons and whenever you are trying to read, watch, and engage in any English learning activity.

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As a part of this journey, taking an English level test to check proficiency is essential to assess your progress.

Every time you come across a new vocabulary word, make sure you check it in your online or offline dictionary and write down the meaning in your vocabulary book. Initially, form at least 3 sentences with them and have them checked by your English tutor to ensure that you have used the right meanings of the words. Then, commit yourself to immediately start using these new words and phrases that you’ve learnt in your verbal and written communications for the next few days and allow yourself to be accountable to your English tutor. Finally, craft a plan with your english home tutor for revisiting these new words to ensure that you’ve mastered them.

2. Have a mini discussion group

Talk to your English tuition teacher and decide on a topic of interest and plan to have a 30-minute discussion group between the two of you. A discussion group is a very relaxed way of learning English and increases your content knowledge which is very helpful in for your essay writing in the future. It also helps to build relationship with you and your English tutor and develops communication.

Correct, clear pronunciation is essential if you really want to improve your level of English. Listen closely to how your English tutor pronounce certain words and sounds and do your best to copy them. Make your best effort to speak with clear pronunciation and proper English sentences as well – this is a good time to reverse engineer your bad habit of speaking in Singlish! Having discussion groups is a great way to incorporate the use of grammatically correct formal spoken English to form proper sentence structures!


Learning and mastering a language is no easy feat. Fortunately, you have your english home tutor singapore to help you. Don’t let yourself down and make sure you implement these 2 things which you can start immediately, and you’ll be putting yourself in a good place to succeed in English!

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