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Great History Channel TV Shows for Your Kids

History does not have to be boring for your children. Fortunately, there are some history channel TV shows which will help make history more entertaining yet educate your child about the important features of our country. Some of the programs suggested by Common Sense Media will prove it.

How can parents help their children develop an interest in the country’s history? First, we will take a look at some of the TV shows that you can have your child watch to acquire more knowledge of our history.

The States TV show

This history channel TV show uncovers the American history by use of historical footage, digital imagery, and also appearances from celebrities. This channel is best for children aged 8 years and above.

Each episode looks at 5 states and takes a look at their past and current issues. Older kids can learn from this series as it references to drinking, gambling, racially driven hate, and other major topics.

History Detectives TV show

In using ballistics, forensics, appraisals as well as other techniques, experts attempt to figure out long-hidden mysteries. What does your child learn from this series?

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This series shows that the history of a country is very enjoyable, fascinating, and at times a bit frustrating. This program is ideal for kids aged 10+.

Liberty Kids TV program

The viewers join Sarah, James, and Henri in every episode of this self-contained lesson about American history lesson. The lesson is shared from a child’s view. Some of the topics include the Bunker Hill battle, Boston Tea Party, and many other important events. It is suitable for kids aged 8+.

How the states got their shapes

Your child gets to learn some fascinating facts about our country’s geography in this fun TV series. Did you know that the borderline between Georgia and Tennessee runs through a restaurant? This show is hosted by Brian Unger and will occasionally have slightly strong language. It is suitable for kids aged 9+.

Where Did It Come From?

For every episode, the host Michael Guillen creates a link between ancient civilisations and modern technology. And he often reveals that most of the processes used today have been in existence for centuries. Who can benefit from this program? This history TV series is best for ages 10+.

America: The Story of Us

Starting from the Revolutionary War, these TV series show reenactments of major American historical events. This history channel TV shows also share insight from renowned figures, like Michael Douglas, Rudolf Giuliani, Donald Trump (current US President) and Colin Powell, who explains the effect of these events. This History Channel is best for ages 12+.

American Pickers show

This show teaches children on the way the economic market work. Viewers get to follow Frank and Mike as they buy antiques at low prices and then resell them at a profit. The hosts often dig up the historical value of the different pieces as they prepare them for resale. This history Channel is best for age 10.

First Life with David Attenborough

Scientist Sir David Attenborough uses fossil evidence, scientific data, and other theories given through the progressive CGI. This documentary TV series looks into the complexities of origins of life in a stunning visual way. This Discovery Channel is suitable for ages 12+.

Benefits of Educational Television

Below is a look at some ways that television can be beneficial for kids:

1) It can teach children

Anything that your interests your child, it is likely that there is an educational show for it. This is an excellent way to expand your child’s knowledge of different things.

How can education TV help your child? This will help them learn topics that they will not get exposure on at school.

Are educational shows good for your child’s learning? Similarly, television shows help reinforce things taught in school and also offer an additive method for teaching kids about essential subjects.

2) TV helps your child’s intellect

Through numerous studies, researchers discovered how educational TV shows help boost children’s intellect. Amazingly, kids aged 2 – 7 who watched educational programs for a few hours a day performed better in school tests compared to those who did not watch TV.

How can parents support their children in learning via TV shows? Even then, it’s important that you know what your kids watch and guide them to educational programs rather than just having them watch cartoons.

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3) It will offer good role models

As your children watch educative television shows, they are more likely to get influenced by those characters they’ll see.

How can you help your child get the most from educative TV shows? By having your kids watch programs with characters that encourage positive messages such as helping others and healthy living can influence them. Thus they will help them make positive life choices which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

4) It shows kids things they wouldn’t normally see

Without TV, most kids would never get to see surprising things like different cultures, exotic animals, and beautiful cities. For instance, history programs and nature shows are excellent resources for teaching kids about places and creatures that they have not heard of.

This type of media can help your child learn to understand and appreciate their environment. Such programs will help them appreciate and respect other cultures of the world. Thus making them more tolerant of fellow humans.

Wrapping Up

Although the effects of TV on kids continues to be debated, the benefits that television has are vast. There are many ways that you can make TV educate your child.

Ensuring your child watches education programs like the Discovery Channel, History Channel will really help your child. Also, they should keep their TV time to a minimum.

For instance, history channel TV shows will offer your child with greater insight and more knowledge of the world. And this will assist them in maturing into well-rounded adults.

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