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Why You Really Should Use a Home Tutor Agency

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Recently, I overheard a woman at Toastbox about how she found her own tutors without the use of a tuition agency. She exclaimed: “Why do we even need a home tutor agency?”

Sure, we’ve all tried it. We tried finding a home tutor all by ourselves, posting on forums and free advertising websites trying to find a tutor on our own. Some of us even managed to find our own tutors via word of mouth, or by asking our neighbours.

Sure, it works sometimes. If you’re resourceful, it may even work for you everytime. But still, you SHOULD use a home tutor agency. Why?

We’re not even talking about the obvious perks, such as how having a database of over 10,000 tutors gives you a wider selection of tutors of all types, or how our experienced and helpful coordinators can do the hard work for you yet you don’t have to pay a single cent. We’re not even talking about these obvious benefits!

Engaging a home tutor agency has many hidden benefits which you may not realize at first hand.

Getting the best Price vs Quality you can get

The truth is, most parents who find their tutors without using a home tutor agency are paying their tutors more than they should. Why? It’s not easy to negotiate rates when you’re asking your neighbor to help teach your child, or asking a friend for help, is it?

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The thing is, through an agency, our coordinators know the market tuition rates extremely well and will always try to negotiate with tutors on your behalf.

Moreover, tutors will try to keep their prices as low as they can as they know that they have to compete with many other tutors who are applying through the agency. This helps you to invariably get the most bang for your buck, and the best price vs quality.

Getting a tutors who are committed long-term from the start

When tutors apply for jobs through a home tuition agency, they are naturally much more committed for the long-term than tutors that you engage outside of using a tutor agency. Why?

Parents often forget that tutors give up 50% of the 1st month of their earnings as agency commission. This means that in order for them to make their time worthwhile and make a good living, it is absolutely crucial that they keep their students for the long-term.

Think about this psychology for a moment. Don’t you think that the tutors that you come across through an agency will be much more sincere, hardworking and committed?

Reducing the risk of running into rogue tutors

When you ask a friend’s recommended tutor to come over and teach your daughter, have you asked yourself how much do you really know about that tutor?

If the tutor does anything illegal or rogue, how can you pursue the matter?

In contrast, tutors who apply for jobs through an agency first have to input all their details, including their NRIC, Address, Full Name, Age, Past Schools, and more. They also have to pass the human check of our coordinators who will check through their data before recommending them for assignments. Finally, we always prioritize tutors that we have dealt with before, and know that they are reliable.

If you need a home tutor today, will you use a home tutor agency?

Make a free enquiry with us today and experience elite home tutoring like you’ve never before.

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