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Why tutor category do I belong to?

To simplify things, we group our tutors into three main tutor categories:

Part-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who doing it part-time e.g. A-level graduates, diploma students/graduates or university undergraduates. There are also University graduates and working professionals offering tuition part-time. If you are only tutoring part-time and have a main job or school, you are a part-time tutor.

Full-Time Tutors – refers to private tutors who do tutoring full-time (NOT part-time). This means that tutoring is your main source of income and is your main occupation. Full-time tutors have more teaching experiences than part-time tutors as they tutor lots of students 1-to-1 as well as take up jobs in tuition centres teaching groups of students in classes.

Note: If you have a full-time tutor with less than 4 years of experience, please select ‘Part-time tutor’ instead as we do not accept full-time tutors who are too young (e.g 24 years old). You can re-update your profile later on.

Ex/Current School Teachers – refers to full-time ex/current school teachers either from MOE or from private and international schools.

Note: If you were a relief teacher, adjunct teacher, or allied educator teacher, please do NOT select this category. You may select Part-Time Tutor or Full-Time Tutor instead, depending on your current tutoring commitment.


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