How do I register as a tutor?

19 December 2018

To register as a tutor, simply use our online form at Please note that the minimum age to apply is 16 years old and...

I’m having trouble registering. Please help!

05 November 2020

Please double-check every field on each page of the multi-part registration form, and look out for any fields or error messages highlighted in RED. If...

How do I download the SmileTutor Assignments App?

17 October 2019

Please go to our information page where you can find the download links for both Android and iOS.

How to get tuition assignments from the mobile app?

17 October 2019

There are two ways you can get tuition assignments from the mobile app. 1. Apply from the list of available tuition assignments We post 100+...

What happens after I apply for an assignment?

17 October 2019

After you have applied for an assignment, the job will be shown under 'Applied Jobs' in the mobile app. You can see the status of...

Can I modify my application once submitted?

17 October 2019

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the app. If you wish to modify your tutor application (for instance timings or rates), please send us...