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Top 10 Music Classes for Kids in Singapore

Music through singing or playing an instrument can actually be beneficial to one’s life, especially if you pursue it at a young age. Not only can it help you appreciate it more, it also helps you become creative and boost your cognitive skills. If your child shows an inclination to music, you should try to enrol them in one of Singapore’s music schools to help them discover the world of music.

If you want to know which ones are the best, here are our top 10 music classes for kids in Singapore that you should consider:

Aureus Academy

The Aureus Academy is one Singaporean music school where your children (and even yourself) will be able to learn music in a fun environment. Teachers in the school will guide you through the entire process of mastering singing, instrument playing and so on depending on the field you want to master.

They also offer individual classes for people who want to take their music lessons slowly or at a certain speed, as well as group lessons where you can play with other people.

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Lee Wei Song School of Music

When it comes to musical education, you should definitely consider the Lee Wei Song of Music. The school has been teaching Singaporeans for 20 years and it is their goal to make people happy when they take any one of their music courses. Music has such a big effect when comes to controlling your emotions. 

Their lessons range from Pop Vocal Signatures to Masterclasses if students wish to pursue a certain instrument or aspect of music. Their StaR’us Children Program is designed for young children who are still unfamiliar with music.

The school also offers artiste grooming and private workshops for people interested in pursuing music as a career.

Hark Music School

Hark Music School offers a unique way for students to learn music and it is through the “modern way.”

This method is seen in their exclusive syllabus known as the Hark Method where they say they can help any student learn music efficiently. This will help those who chose to pursue Music as their elective programs.

What is also interesting with the school is that their teachers are contracted to the school exclusively to help students in their chosen music field. These teachers work as arrangers, composers and performing artists outside the school.

Music For Young Children Singapore

The Music for Young Children Singapore takes a unique approach in teaching music as both parent and the child participate.

Students meet their age group once a week with their adult guardians and learn the lesson together. They encourage collaboration and teamwork at a young age which has a high correlation to school performance.

Programs in the school can last up to 5 years depending on the child’s age and they use certain resources to help children learn at a steady pace regardless of their learning style and skill level.


If you want to teach your children at a young age and enrol them in a music class that will hone them as they grow older, Juzmusic is the class they should be in.

The school follows the teachings of Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki, a Japanese musician and educator who created the Suzuki method, a special music education program for both young and old who are interested in learning music.

Young students can enrol in the Early Childhood Programmes where they can learn the basics and then progress to Instrumental Lessons, Pop Music Programmes and other levels.

The school is also recognised by the Associated Board of Royal School of Music for teaching students music through quality education. The school also sells instruments so your children can practice at home.

Ossia Music School

The Ossia Music School is one of the first to introduce music education in Singapore because they started offering such courses in 1983.

They are dedicated in providing affordable musical education to any student, regardless of age and familiarity to music, so long as they are dedicated to learning more.

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They have more than 100 teachers who are qualified to teach students anything related to music, whether it is playing a particular instrument or understanding musical theory.


If your child loves classical music (or if you want to learn as well), Staccato focuses on this branch of music. The school offers group and individual classes focusing on instruments and other aspects of classical music.

Classical music has more complex structures and prove to be more challenging than others like contemporary music. Staccato is expert in this area and help you to identify if your child is musically gifted. 

Mandeville Conservatory of Music

When you enrol your child at the Mandeville Conservatory of Music, your children will not just learn how to do  music, but they will also learn how to appreciate it. The school takes pride in giving their children more opportunities to explore music and their talents.

Students are also encouraged to share their talents through community service. Their lessons vary in various fields so you may want to check which ones your child will love before checking out their facility.

Edvox Music School

Established in 2002, Edvox Music School is offering a more dedicated music program for students who wish to learn every aspect of the art: from its theory to its practical applications.

The school’s qualified educators will guide you and your child through the entire process and help you both master your selected instrument or branch of music.

They also offer instrumental lessons for those interested in learning the violin, guitar, cello, clarinet and flute. Children between 3 to 5 years old can be enrolled in the school’s special program called Funtime Doreme where they can learn music in a fun way as play is important aspect in early childhood education.

Madison Academy of Music

If you want to get your child a customised music course, you should try out the Madison Academy of Music.

The school offers a unique music school experience because they consider themselves a “boutique music school.” They take their time to learn what their student’s learning style is and customise their music lessons based on their specific styles.

Courses are divided into various sections and they even offer extra options in case a student wishes to pursue two different genres.

Students who aspire to perform in Broadway and other musical theatres will definitely love the school’s Musical Theatre section.


Music is a difficult art to master, but it is something that can bring joy to many people. If your child is showing a love for music, don’t hesitate to enrol them in one of these classes. You never know, they may pursue it as a career or find a hobby that they can pursue throughout their lifetime.

Your child can also learn music through a 1-to-1 music tutor from SmileTutor.

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