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Social Studies: Why it is Important for Your Child?

Social Science is a subdivision of the study that deals with Human Beings. It covers things like their relationships, growth and development, behavior, the resources they utilize and the different institutions they require in functioning and getting on with their life smoothly.

For instance – school, family, judiciary, workplace, recreation clubs, government, etc. All of these features of life are interdependent and inter-related to one another.

So, if a child wishes to become an engineer, a doctor, a teacher, artist or a chartered accountant. All people live in a society, they interact with other individuals from the various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. We also learn to adapt to different circumstances and situations and also follow certain societal norms to help us lead a productive and peaceful life.

What does this mean for your child?

Due to the inclusion of the Social Studies subject in the curriculum straight from primary school to secondary classes. It then shows the value of this subject and also the part it plays in a child’s school life. This subject is integrated into the school syllabus by combining subjects like – Geography, History, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Anthropology, etc.

So, What is Social Studies

At secondary and primary classes, Social Studies will help students to make out the interconnection of the area they live in and Singapore. This will help them recognize just how complex human experience is. Students are able to explore the complicated tensions that often characterize all the issues happening in the world and also in Singapore. Your child’s learning starts at primary classes and is pushed into greater depths at secondary school.

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In Upper Secondary, the study of Social Studies centers on the definitive teaching of thinking skills that help manage and assess real-life data in more meaningful ways. Also, it aims at building a deep sense of being rooted in the nation. This subject is by nature interdisciplinary, combining subjects like Economics, Geography, Political Science, History, and Sociology.

What’s The Value Of Learning Social Studies?

The incorporation of Social Studies subject in the school program guarantees well-rounded education for students

Appreciating And Understanding Real-World Issues And The Singaporean Society

Social Studies creates curiosity in students about real-world issues. This helps youngsters understand developments happening in the society and also the world. They also get to see the roles they play in shaping a nation’s future. Students get to explore global and contemporary issues connected to governance, globalization, their role as citizens, and living in a society that is diverse.

These are things that impact the lives of children as young citizens, thus this helps prepare them for the duties they should judiciously exercise later as adults. The subject inspires students to participate in policy issues rather than just depending on the government to attain their desired outcomes.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills

Social Studies instills a higher order of thinking skills and abilities such as – Application, Comprehension, Analysis, Creativity, Synthesis, and Evaluation in students. Learning different topics like water resources, transport, natural resources, communication, political ideologies, our culture, caste system, social reformers, United Nations, etc offers students the chance to get the appropriate data and information in various contexts.

This info allows students to make observations, identify differences and similarities, connect related ideas, concepts, and resources. Proper experiences further enhance the students’ perception of how different people and things impact their daily lives. For instance – to help investigate poverty within the society, students need knowledge of subjects like Politics, History, and Economics.

How Can Kids Hone This Skill

First students have to obtain information and understand ideas like resource allocation, discrimination, and also political priorities. Students also need to understand, evaluate and analyze the existing relationship between these theories and ideas so as to understand how poverty impacts certain groups of people in the country. Such knowledge may further be put to use in fostering creativity when youngsters are asked to come up with ways or new policies and solutions which they believe can aid in reducing poverty. They could be given the chance to share their ideas through essays, debates, role plays or even class projects.

How You Can Support Your Children In Their Study Of Social Studies

Social Studies supports children to be aware of and interested in the world around them. Here are some tips on how parents can support children in studying social studies.

  • Encourage children to read widely and listen and watch news and documentaries

Increase your child’s exposure to the current issues which are happening both in Singapore and also around the world. Such habits help heighten their interest and awareness in the development and events that are occurring in Singapore and in the world.

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  • Help them Reflect on issues they watch, listen or read

Inspire children to take in what they watch, read, or listen to. While they try to understand these issues, students will be more alert of their own assumptions and beliefs. They can think over and construct their perception of the environment they live in and of their nation too.

  • Let children share their views

Discuss with your kids about current issues around the world and in Singapore. Assist them in understanding the different situations which led to the views being presented as they are. Inspire them to have their opinions, and justify their reasons, once they understand and analyze these perspectives. This causes them to discern and give well-reasoned conclusions.

In Closing

The inclusion of the Social Studies subject in the school curriculum starting from primary school to secondary classes shows the value this subject has. It also has a part to plays in a child’s school life.

By learning social studies, students are now able to explore the complicated tensions that often characterize all the issues occurring in the world and in Singapore. Hence, this helps in pushing your child’s learning starting from primary classes and into greater depths at the secondary school level.

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