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How to Tell If Your Child Is a Genius?

Having an intelligent child is the dream and pride of every parent: having a super intelligent child is considered the utmost blessing to the parents. Your child’s level of intelligence is dependent on many factors, such as nutrition, genetics, the standard of living, and a natural talent, amongst others.

Whether you have a child prodigy with you or not can be hard to determine until your child is exposed to certain things, things that may trigger their brilliance with whatever it is. A child can be a pro with a Rubik’s cube, while another will be a musical savant. Your child could be an expert at facial expressions, and another child will be a wiz at anagrams. Every child’s intelligence expresses itself in different ways, and recognising the signs is not so difficult.

While every parent may wish that their child was a genius, this doesn’t mean that children of average intelligence are not special. Every child is special, in their special way, and every child does their own special thing each day. Children should be celebrated for who they are, however they are, judging for being children, and for being the future.

How You Can Tell Your Child Is A Genius

Genius expresses itself in different forms and talents. Child geniuses could show their brilliance early on in life, alerting you to the fact that you have a child prodigy in your home.

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Genius Sign #1 – They Have Extraordinary Memories

Child geniuses tend to have a great talent of remembering things. An Indian child has memorised facts about 213 countries in the world and can recite them at will. Having a photographic memory is a sign that you are raising a genius, and it is commendable if you encourage their gift.

The ability to scan information at a fast speed, and then recall it in perfect detail, is one sign of genius in children. Some people can do this after yeas of practice, while others are simply born with that ability.

Genius Sign #2 – They Love Books

Many children cannot sit still to read a book, especially when it doesn’t have pictures. They see reading as a boring chore and are easily distracted when they have to read, or simply doze off with a book in their hands.

You can tell if your child is a genius by how much they love books. Some children have read the entire Bible by the age of 6. Others have been reading Shakespeare so much that, at the age of 10 they are experts in all things Shakespeare.

These are books that, without pictures of revised edition written specifically for children, wouldn’t interest any child to read. Child prodigies, however, are fascinated by all kinds of books and read them insatiably from a tender age. This kind of voracious reading is a sign that you might have a genius on your hands.

Genius Sign #3 – They Are Rational And Open-minded

The world as it is today is much more complicated than it was five years ago. So many issues have cropped up, such as war, rioting, gay rights, women rights, racism, discrimination, and the like, that they have become commonplace in the world today, and parents struggle on how to explain such things to their children as they see these things on a daily basis.

A child genius would not only understand these things, but they will be rational, reasonable about it, and very open-minded about situations around them. This ability to comprehend at a level that is frankly beyond them is a true sign of genius.

Some children cannot understand the concept of childbirth. A child genius would not only understand it, they would be able to rationalise the process all by themselves and come up with facts that will help them better understand and accept the situation.

Genius Sign #4 – They Are Very Creative

Children who are highly creative, imaginative, innovative and original are all geniuses. A child who has no problem with taking the initiative, or creating something meaningful from scratch, or entertaining themselves, is a genius.

Some child geniuses are creative when it comes to acting. You hear of comedians who were unruly and funny when they were long, acting out self-taught out, highly improvised skits just to make people laugh. That is a form of genius.

Some children don’t mind playing on their own, and when you go to see what they are doing, don’t be surprised that they are acting out a play with a full cast of characters mad out of sticks and stones. That is a future playwright or movie director right there.

Creativity in children should be encouraged, as this helps them to overcome fears and to realise more of their potential and what they are capable of.

Genius Sign #5 – They Have A Unique Perspective

Children that are born with an innate quality to lead, to teach, to manage, to delegate, to see the solution to a problem no one has found, or to see a second or third side to every story, is a genius. Because they are children, we do not see them as having fully developed faculties that allow them to see things from a perspective similar to or superior to ours. When you notice a child with such a unique take on things, that child is a genius waiting to get out into the world.

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A child genius is not limited to a math guru or an 8-year old phonemes expert. A child genius is a little boy or girl who has unique, highly developed abilities in just about any sphere of life, from drama to business to current affairs.

Every child is unique, special, and different: no two geniuses can come out exactly the same. As a parent, teacher or a private tutor, if you see any of these signs in your children, try to nurture it, help that special ability grow and manifest because that talent is a large part of that child’s future.

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