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5 Things All Great Private Tutors in Singapore Have in Common

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Finding the best tutor for your child is no easy task. With all the options available for you to choose from, it can be a daunting experience to find the one that’s right for your child.

Each tutor will have a different style of teaching. Many tutors use tried and true strategies of teaching, while others have a more modern style. Regardless of their teaching style, all good tutors will have certain characteristics in common that allow them to be successful in their trade.

When choosing a new private tutor or enrichment centre, make sure to evaluate the tutors and take the following characteristics into consideration.

1. Patience

Regardless of their background in education, age, or nationality, all successful tutors have an uncanny ability to be patient with their students. This characteristic is imperative for children that struggle with learning and adapting to a new teacher. A great tutor will patiently work with your child regardless of how many times they ask the same question. A tutor who is not patient will have difficulty with a child at any stage of the learning process. When this happens, they may take shortcuts in the learning process that could eventually harm the child’s learning.

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2. Strong Educational Background

Although not all educated tutors are good tutors, all good tutors have some type of educational background. Some of the best have been trained in childhood learning, while others are simply educated in whatever field they are teaching. All great tutors seek additional training if they are truly passionate and serious about their work. With that being said, you may find that a tutor with limited post-secondary education is a much better fit for your child than the one with a Master’s degree. Use your judgement when taking this characteristic into consideration.

3. Outgoing Personality

Students can often struggle to speak up about their insecurities or when they have questions. A great private tutor has an outgoing personality that makes children feel more comfortable when around them. This characteristic makes them more approachable and your child will feel like they can trust them. This, in turn, will create a stronger bond between the teacher and the student, and greatly improve communication between the two. This characteristic is essential in the learning process.

4. Excellent Communication with Parents

Tutoring is no only about the child-tutor relationship. Parents are often very involved in the process to make sure the tutoring is helping the child and to address any issues that may be encountered along the way. A great private tutor will make themselves available to discuss the child’s progress with the parents. They will also understand the importance of having the parents involved in every step of the process, and make sure they are aware of any issues and accomplishments.

5. They are Inspirational

Another great characteristic that great private tutors have in common is their ability to encourage their students. When a mistake is made, they will encourage the child to surpass their insecurities and do better next time. Moreover, when they are successful in a task, a great tutor will celebrate the child’s accomplishments. A great tutor will inspire their students to continuously improve in school. They will also stimulate the child’s mind, and help them fall in love with learning.

In the developing stages of a child’s life, a good tutor will ensure that a child feels comfortable, safe, and cared for. Being positive all the time can be a very daunting task for any person. However, great tutors enjoy their job so much, that these 5 characteristics often come effortlessly to them.

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