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5 ‘Must-Have’ Learning Apps for Primary School Students

In this day and age, Singaporean kids as young as 3 years old are wielding iphones, iphones, and android tablets everywhere they go – holding those tiny screens inches away from their faces with their eyes glued to the LED screen.

Instead of letting them play mindless games, why not make them use it for educational purposes?

In this article, you will find 5 super-awesome apps that will help your primary school kid learn better and be more prepared for their PSLE. (Maybe, they won’t even need PSLE Tuition anymore!)

1. PhotoMath (iOS, Android – Free)


PhotoMath is basically a smart-camera maths problem solver that is able to read mathematical problems using the device’s camera and then teach you how to solve it. It makes maths super easy, and is able to break down the solutions step-by-step.

It is almost like having a private maths tutor in your pocket, ready to be summoned to help you anytime your please. We have tested it, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

2. Hemingway App (Desktop – Free)


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Many local kids struggle with English writing due to our Singlish culture. One common mistake young primary school kids make when writing compositions is using too many commas and forming overly complex sentences.

Hemingway App is able to detect sentence logic and highlight sentences in different colors to indicate whether each sentence is too dense and complicated. For instance, red indicates that readers will be lost trying to follow its meaning. Yellow indicates that it is slightly long and might be confusing, and you should probably shorten the sentence. This powerful technological app will help your kid learn to write better.

3. Thesaurus (Desktop, iOS & Android – Free)


You probably know about this site already, but have you taught your kid how to use it? Thesaurus comes with a fantastic free mobile app on both iOS & Android.

Active usage of Thesaurus will definitely help your child to constantly expand their vocabulary and learn new words. It also helps them in their homework compositions by keeping their vocabulary fresh and unique, avoiding repetitions so that your kid can drive across points more accurately and score high marks in their essays.

4. BrainPOP (Android, iOS) (Free)

brainpop science

Struggling to get your primary school child interested in science? Don’t worry, we got you. BrainPOP is a fantastic app that creates mobile games, quizzes, activities in hundreds of topics.

The app uses cutesy animations that will definitely that will engage and interest your child to play game after game, learning and having fun at the same time. It actually covers other topics such as math, social studies, arts & music too, so check it out.

5. Memrise (iOS & Android, Free)


When it comes to learning Chinese, one of the hardest parts is memorizing Chinese characters. Memrise is an awesome app that uses mnemonics to help your child quickly remember Mandarin words and characters. Just in case you don’t know, Mnemonics is a form of memorization technique that helps learners recall large amounts of information faster and longer using smaller cues.

The Memrise app is filled with colorful pictures and graphics that will entertain your child and make memorization words enjoyable. Did your child fail their 听写 (Chinese Spelling Test)? Give Memrise a try.

Got any super-awesome learning apps that you know of? Please share in the comments below!

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