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Share the Christmas Spirit! A Quick Singaporean Guide to Get You into a Festive Mood

It’s that time of the year again.

Everywhere you go, you hear tunes from Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé.

Dazzling displays light up the streets, and a joyous mood is in the air. 

Yes, we’re talking about Christmas! The best time of the year is here again, or well, the whole of December, since the world gets into the festive mood early into the month.

We’re given another excuse to satisfy our food cravings, shopping sprees again, and more! Clueless on where to begin your celebrations? Well, we’ve got your back! With some of our curated recommendations, maybe you’ll get an idea on how to plan out your Christmas jolly!

A Better Christmas This Year


Falling on the 25th this year as always, Christmas with our loved ones will be another cosy day to remember. But this year is a little more special.

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Why? Post-Pandemic Celebrations!

Pat ourselves on the back for having braced through the pandemic horrors. No more travel restrictions, no more masks, no more social distancing! 

Christmas was originally a time to tighten the bonds that we’ve held close for the year, which we will finally re-experience after overcoming the hardships as a country.

Let’s enjoy that togetherness with family and friends again!

Get Started With a Movie!

Going to the cinemas is one perfect way to start cosying up with family and friends! Hook yourself up with winter-themed movies, sometimes even at the leisure of your home through streaming services!

1. Merry Little Batman

Indulge little ones into a superhero story where Batman meets “Home Alone”! Explore Christmas with Damian Wayne as he goes through an adventure of a lifetime as a mini-Batman! A tale to save Christmas as old as time, but expressive and just some good fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

As a hardcore Batman fan, this is a hilarious movie that turns the universe of criminal masterminds upside down. Hey, who says adults can’t have some cute fun every now and then!

Merry Little Batman streams globally on Prime Video beginning December 8, 2023. Don’t let the little ones miss it!

2. The Velveteen Rabbit

Stretching its short runtime of around 40 minutes to its limits, The Velveteen Rabbit is another Christmas tale that aired last month, receiving rave reviews for its emotional notes of a childhood favourite.

The synopsis: Based on the treasured, classic children’s book by Margery Williams, “The Velveteen Rabbit” celebrates the magic of unconditional love. When 7-year-old William receives a new favourite toy for Christmas, he discovers a lifelong friend and unlocks a world of magic.

Nothing sets the mood better than a heartwarming tale that embodies what Christmas means to all of us.

Shopping for Last-Minute Gifts?


From gift-shopping, discount-shopping, or even window-shopping, many of us take pleasure in seeing what’s on display. To make your loved ones feel special, going on a trip like this often gives you some inspiration for gifts and even things for yourself.

Just be careful not to splurge beyond your means!

Wearing Festive Apparel

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Not sure what to get as a gift?

How about some tasteful designs of the Christmas tree plastered onto a white T-shirt? Simple, but effective! Nothing says Christmas more than kids and adults alike, wearing glittery santa-coloured shirts and costumes! Most of our appreciation for the holiday comes visually, and it definitely helps settle the family into a celebratory mood when we’re all in white, green and red!

Also, shirt prints are generally inexpensive! Find them on Shopee, Lazada or any other e-commerce site of your choice! But well, if you’re torn for choice, Uniqlo is your pit stop! From graphic tees of latest collaborations down to comfortable designs, a shopping trip would also double as a family outing!     

Getting Something Practical

Handing out gifts for secret santa? Most people enjoy things that they can actually use, so you can consider trendy, lifestyle tech products or accessories like phone covers, headphones and even coffee machines! It’s best to plan in advance and visit sites like Amazon, Shopee or any e-commerce sites for their seasonal deals. It beats having to fight with the mall crowds, and is oftentimes much cheaper! 

These gifts make for great reactions when unwrapped, but do be sure to keep prices within reason so everyone receives something of equal value!

Finish with a Nice Homecoming Dinner

At the end of the day, we want to come home for a festive meal and fill ourselves with delicacies. Steaming hot food spread on the table, and talking while enjoying good food… it’s dinnertime where we get close and share a moment of connection.

Don’t know where to start? For your Christmas feasts, we’ve got plenty for your plates here!

Supermarket-Prepared Meals

Have your meals ready and to-go with supermarkets like Giant doing their Christmas meal sales. They’re open till the 27th, so for those who’re not available to cook, it’s an easy way to have a delicious get-together meal without any effort!

Follow Internet Recipes

But hey, maybe you’re up for the challenge to make the dinner yourself? After all, home-made food is always more authentic! Not to worry, like-minded individuals have trailblazed their experiences in the kitchen with Christmas recipes. 

We’re not the experts, so here’s a resource we found that made some interesting-looking dishes, like the “Mini Reindeer Croffle” that you see here!

Supermarkets have also made their recipe guide to encourage people to go home-made too!

Take Part in Christmas Activities

Christmas isn’t complete without bonding sessions. From afternoon to the wee hours, Christmas should encourage us to get together for some good old fun.

Card Games & Board Games

Gather round for a bout of Monopoly Deal, or Uno! Sink those hours in for the stay-homers, or to entertain guests. Playing games together cuts down the awkwardness of meeting new people, and acquaintances you’ve never seen for a while. Games connect us through a common frustration of losing, and the laughter of playful hijinks. 

But hey, if you wanna bring a new game to the table, how about another card game called Here to Slay?

It’s from the same creators of Unstable Unicorns, a popular party game in Singapore as well! Assemble a unique and colourful cast of “heroes”, or slay the “bosses” to victory, this card game is sure to have guests sink hours in for a good bonding session.

Here to Slay is a title that’s a bit more nuanced, however, but it’ll definitely catch favourites among a younger crowd!


For many, it’s the highlight of the holiday. We spread joy through giving, and this gesture shows children the value of kindness and generosity. Well for adults, we’re just happy with what we can get! Let’s hope for an iPhone this year!

Some people even embrace this part of the season with blind gift exchanges, common amongst social circles. 

There are also participants in charity drives or toy donations who enjoy Christmas by sharing that feeling to the less fortunate. 

The Christmas Spirit

A Christmas gift holds such a meaning for us. It reminds us that we as people should have empathy for others. It is the spirit of Christmas, the feeling of togetherness where we think for others. It’s a selfless time where we forgive, take stock of what’s important and become ‘better’ versions of ourselves.


Rum Tan

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