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9 Creative Skills Every Modern Woman Should Learn Before Her 30s

Did you recently enter the 20s? You would agree with us that this is the best period to be in. You are young, dynamic and have a plethora of opportunities to explore. However, do not let your 20s pass away! Develop some essential skills before you reach your 30s. These skills would help you in the later stages of life. They would also allow you to focus on something different apart from being busy with your private tutor for university or diploma subjects.

1. Bake or Make Your Signature Dish

Don’t find excuses and avoid reiterating that you hate cooking forever. It’s never too late to try anything new.

More often than not, it is our false belief that prevents us from doing the stuff which we haven’t tried even once. Thus, join cooking classes for an amazing start and learn a dish. Baking is absolutely interesting and once you master the art, there is no looking back.

2. Communicate More Through Letters

Sending a letter to someone is an utmost pleasure. Have you ever tried writing a letter to someone? If not yet, try it once. Just throw out your feelings and emotions towards the person you are writing to.

Make sure that the first person you write the letter for is someone who will treasure it. You can decide to send one to your grandparents. They will be delighted to receive one.

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As a matter of fact, letters are extremely soothing to heart and sentimental and help you connect better with the receiver when compared to sending an email or writing a blog.

3. Excel in Public Speaking

Believe us, at one moment or the other, you would be required to stand in front of a number of people and speak. Public speaking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Not everyone can easily do that.

However, it is a learned skill and boosts your confidence once you stand up for it. A lot of people are afraid to take up the chance. But once you overcome your stage fear, you can turn yourself into a confident diva.

4. Be Productive

Question yourself every day as to how productive you were today? Whenever you are just sitting idle or doing something, think will it add to the list of your productive doing.

Do something better than just working your thumb on mobile keypad. Learn some new activity, or develop a new hobby and enhance your ability to stay focused.

5. Embrace Your Artistic Side

As a matter of fact, women have a brighter artistic side when compared to men. Thus, if you are in your 20s, it is the right time to embrace your artistic side and try something new.

Try water coloring, drawing and origami, be crafty or take up pottery classes. Be artistic even if you think you are bad at it. Take it by our words – once you start doing it you will start enjoying it and you will have something in your hands as an outcome, however bad it seems. Doesn’t matter!

6. Learn How to Take a Good Photo

With everyone carrying a camera with them every time, it becomes all the more important to actually know how to take a decent pic. Even high-quality cameras require an art of taking good photos.

We are sure, you don’t want to be the one who takes forever to click a photo or is labeled as one who can’t take a decent photo. You can easily learn to take a frame-worthy photo by following the various tips on lighting, focus, and exposure and keeping other nitty-gritty in mind.

If you are a newbie, finding the best cheap camera for photography beginners should be a priority, so you’ll get to start exploring your craft as soon as possible.

No more blurry photos and complaints! Capture memories beautifully.

7. Learn a New Language

The world is full of an array of languages. Why not take a step forward and know the world better not just by subtitles or translators but by learning a new language? Sounds interesting, right?

Learning a new language has its own advantages. If you are visiting a new country, you would be able to converse with the natives fluently in their language. This is not only pleasant but it will also make it easy for you to roam around.

Moreover, it also helps in enhancing your intellectual level and makes it easier for you to connect with a human heart more closely.

8. Learn to Treasure Your Body

You look best how you look today. Learn to stop complaining about your body. Just staying healthy should be your only priority. Your body might start showing certain changes as you turn 30. Thus, learn to appreciate your body the way it is today.

As they say – you would never be as younger as you are today! Shed all your worries, and look forward.

9. Inculcate the Habit of Reading Books

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If you have not yet inculcated the habit of reading, do it now! This is because reading keeps your mind at peace.

Start with novels that aren’t too thick. However, the pleasure of not able to put a book down is unbeatable. If the novel you choose doesn’t interest you, move to the next until you find the one you can’t put down.

Once you experience the feeling of getting lost in the book to the point you feel like living along with the characters, we bet you will thank us for it. Moreover, reading books help you think broad and widen your thoughts and ideas.

10. Work Over Daily Goals

Set everyday goals and accomplish them with sincerity. It’s time to be more honest with yourself. It is highly recommended to work hard while you are in your 20s and envision yourself for when you turn 30.

Be an inspiration to others. Be a better version of yourself. Be a dedicated mother, brave daughter, responsible friend and a good human being above all.

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