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5 Types of Tuition Kids You’ll Find in Singapore

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In the latest ST poll, 7 out of 10 parents pack their kids for tuition. As tuition has become a part of normal everyday life for students, parents, and tuition teachers – we can expect to see all kinds of kids attending tuition.

However, based on feedback from our private tutors over the years, some students tend to display certain similar characteristics in terms of their academic results, learning behaviour, and personalities.

In the light of some light-hearted humour, let us check out the 5 stereotypical types of tuition kids in Singapore. Whether you attend private tuition or tuition centre classes, you’ll probably find these kids sitting beside you in your tuition classes!

1. The Struggling

This is the kid who is obedient and hardworking. He or she does not create any drama in class and usually does their homework dutifully. This kid has a real desire to learn and might genuinely enjoy studying. Unfortunately, The Struggling Kid somehow always manages to underperform during examinations that matter.

This kid lacks self-confidence and genuinely needs tutoring help to instill confidence in them. The Struggling Kid also needs to hone up on their street-smart exam skills in order to score well and get the grades they deserve!

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2. The Lazy

This kid is too lazy to do his or her homework. No matter how many complaints are made by his school teachers to The Lazy Kid’s parents, his or her parents are simply too busy to moniter him. Thus, he is sent for tuition – so that the tuition teacher can make sure he or she does their schoolwork.

The Lazy Kid often spends their time excessively playing computer games and has no real desire to learn. Tutors will struggle to motivate and teach anything to this kid, as most of the tuition time is spent monitoring and babysitting him to make sure he does the most basic work.

3. The Gifted

The super smart kid has no real need for tuition. Yes, this bright spark scores 90+ for all his subjects and has literally finished the syllabus for the entire year before the academic year even started. This kid is sent to tuition by his or her parents simply as a “guarantee” and to revise. Sometimes, The Gifted Kid even attends tuition above his or her current academic level to learn ahead of his peers and prepare for the next academic year.

It is quite easy tutoring this kid, as long as tutors are highly capable in their teaching subjects. The Gifted Kid does not tolerate incapable teachers and expects their tutors to be able to add context to what they are teaching. Sometimes the parents of these kids have very high expectations, and require tutors to maintain high levels of communication to update them on their child’s progress.

4. The Overworked

The kid who yawns all the time in class and always look sleepy and tired. Often, you can find this kid attending late night weekday tuitions after a long day at school and after their hectic CCAs. The Overworked Kid is forced by parents to attend lots of tuition classes.

The Overworked Kid is often unable to learn effectively simply due to being physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Novice tutors will fail to realize this, misintepreting pure fatigue as laziness. The truth is, this kid needs a pillow more than he or she needs tuition!

5. The True Learner

Finally, we have The True Learner. This kid has a strong passion for learning, often having a clear direction of interest either in the arts or the science stream. The True Learner seeks tuition on their own, without any coercion from their parents. Their parents are usually very cooperative as well.

With a clear learning purpose, The True Learner adds value to tuition classes and pushes learning to another level. Tuition classes are spent seeking knowledge and perspectives, rather than being purely exam-focused. Their real desire to learn & improve makes tutoring them enjoyable and easy.

Encountered other personalities or steoreotypes? Share in the comments below!

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