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Chemistry Tuition in Singapore: A Word of Advice

chemistry teacherperception of Chemistry

To many students’ mind, Chemistry is one of the most complicated subjects to grasp. They think that achieving a high level in Chemistry is humanly unattainable. If one takes a closer look to the number of chemical formulas students need to acquire a comprehensive knowledge about, or the hard conceptual terms they have to master, he or she would probably understand from where these pessimistic views come from. However, with the right Chemistry tuition and the most effective methodology, students would realize that it is only a matter of determining how to effectively exploit their skills. They would know that the right tutor would guide them towards the right path to success.

Does my kid need a Chemistry tuition?

Have you ever noticed your kid’s reaction whenever you ask him about his chemistry homework? Does he feel motivated to do the homework? or does he refuse to do it in the first place? Does your kid talk enthusiastically about her Chemistry teacher or class? Does she often forget to take her Chemistry textbook to school? Does she always complain about how the subject is too difficult to understand? Answering some of these questions will definitely determine if your kid is in urgent need of a home tuition. You probably know already that the majority of Singaporean students request a tutor’s help to keep up with their classmates’ level. Therefore, if you want your kid to have good grades in exams, you should seriously consider contacting a reliable home tuition agency. I strongly recommend SmileTutor Tuition Agency for its renowned reputation.

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Criteria of an excellent Chemistry tutor

Whether O or A levels, an excellent Chemistry tutor should have a considerable experience in teaching the subject and has complete knowledge of the concepts dealt with in these levels. In fact concepts such as chemical energetic, periodicity, chemical equilibria, and many others, should be taught with the right educational approach. The ideal tutor would simplify such concepts to his or her students in a friendly learning manner in order to relief students’ stress. He or she would also make lessons more engaging and arouse students’ curiosity. Creating an inviting environment is key to a successful lesson.

Borrowing Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, tutors should be able to tap into the right ability of each student as they get to know them. Some students for instance have the logical-mathematical ability more active than the visual-spatial. Others seem to relate more to the naturalistic ability than to the bodily-kinesthetic. The idea is, without delving into technical terminologies, every student possesses a certain learning intelligence that tutors should identify and use it as a bridge towards familiarizing the student more with the subject. If that can be achievable, grasping chemistry concepts would become a natural process and students’ grades would significantly improve.

Besides holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Chemistry, having a compassionate and patient aptitude as well as enjoying communication skills are quite distinctive features of a successful tutor. One can be very scholarly and academically knowledgeable in Chemistry, but once he or she loses temper, uses inappropriate language, shows disrespect, or belittle his or her students, they will instantly overlook his or her academic status and loose interest in the lesson. Therefore, it is wiser and more virtuous to treat each student with respect and dignity. As a matter of fact, tutor/student relationship should be built on trust, admiration, and equality so as to create a welcoming learning atmosphere. An atmosphere where students do not feel shy to ask a question, embarrassed of not knowing the right answer, or even scared to take notes.

Where to find a reliable home tuition?

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