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Make Your Gifts Count! 5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a special occasion. 

To stand out from the rest of the days named after other festivities and cultural significance, Mother’s Day specifically falls on a Sunday so that we can celebrate it on the weekend!

On this day, countries throughout the world honour mothers for their hard work in everything wthat they do. And needless to say, we’re not missing out on celebrating Mother’s Day this year either!

Falling on the 12th of May, we as children should take the opportunity to share good feelings with our mother. Whether we’ve been good or bad children before this, we’re all children equally given an opportunity to pamper our “ma” for the day.

No matter through words or actions, we’ll have a ton for you to choose from to make your mother feel so much more appreciated for what she means to you! 

Here are 7 ways to make the best out of Mother’s Day!

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Celebrate With Our Grandmothers Too!


Mother’s Day is about all mothers (who knew). That includes your grandmother too!

If you’re living together, why not celebrate together? You don’t have to limit yourself with the confines of what Mother’s Day means to others. This holiday is a day of appreciation, so your doting grandma should definitely celebrate it too (your mother probably celebrates it with her as well)!

Take this chance to celebrate this day with the mothers in your life! Your teacher, favourite hawker stall aunty, the over-friendly clerk at the convenience store; Mother’s Day is an inclusive occasion for appreciation and love! 

1)  A Letter of Appreciation


We just had to include the simplest gift as our first entry.

Letters! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and action speaks louder than words.

But nothing gets across your emotions over years of being raised by your mother than pure, heartfelt words.

You can wrap it up in a beautiful gift card, and write over beautifully curated papers. But the weight of the gift comes only from the words you have for your mother.

Till this day, my mother still keeps every letter that I write to her every year!

Did you know that the founder of Mother’s Day also stated that her ideal gift for her mother was to write a ‘heartfelt letter’? 

“Any mother would rather have a line of the worst scribble from her son or daughter than any fancy greeting card,” she said. To that, we agree! Get into some simple handcrafts and make your own card, it’ll show so much more of your sincerity in what you’ve written inside!

One-liners to Include in Your Mother’s Day Letter

If you’re not someone good with words, we’ve got a few one liners for you! But hey, write the important ones yourself! (They’re a little cheesy, so change them up a little as you go along)

1) Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for always being the glue that keeps this family together.

2) Today is your Day! Now, let’s celebrate your incredible life and your hard work to help make us the best versions of ourselves.

3) Happy Mother’s Day to the sweetest mom in the world! Your love and guidance have made me who I am today

4) Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s most excellent guardian, storyteller, chef, homework helper, and style icon.

5) Your unconditional love and unwavering support have shaped me into who I am today. Happy Mother’s Day!

6) I am so grateful for all your sacrifices for our family.

7) Thank you for making our house a home and life so bright! Happy Mother’s Day!

8) Your kindness, love, and generosity never cease to amaze me. Happy Mother’s Day to the most wonderful mom!

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9) Thank you for being my mom, mentor, and role model. Happy Day to the woman I admire the most!

10) I learned everything I’m proud to see in myself from you. Thanks for being the best mentor, guide, and example someone could have requested!

2) Gifting Flowers

Don’t look at their age now, because some of our mothers can be surprisingly romantic back in the day! I’m sure most of them still appreciate the subtleties of gifts, especially given by her children!

Carnations are the official flowers that represent the holiday, with a distinction of pink and white (don’t get the wrong one!). It is generally believed that pink carnations represent feelings of gratitude, and red ones for admiration. And white carnations are now reserved for honouring a mother who is no longer with us.

Other Flower Choices

In the language of flowers, however, there is a variety to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include roses, lilies and orchids.

There are also alternatives like lisianthus for a mother-daughter relationship, or tulips for mother and son. Both symbolises the traits of a harmonious bond between close family, and can most definitely give an impact when gifted with a hand-written letter!

An overall classy and romantic gift for your mother!

3) Cook for Them


Ordering take-outs are fine, but why not go the extra step this year?

But let’s face it. Not everyone reading this knows how to cook. Maybe we can dish out a fine pack of instant ramen (with egg), but that’s just about all we know! 

It’s ACTUALLY not that hard serving up something nice for your mom on this special occasion! Cooking for your mother is also way more meaningful if they cook for us often or daily. 

Doubling as a show that you’ve all grown up (or are still growing up!), and an act of filial piety, your mother will appreciate it that much more. So how do you go about making a heartfelt dinner that’ll make her feel ultra special?

Making Desserts 


Make sweet desserts with the use of simple ingredients! From sweet cereal pudding, milo cake, to the traditional martabak, have it prepared and chilled, ready to serve after dinner for a surprise taste test!

“Fine Dining”


Oh here’s one to make your mother chuckle. Plate a fancy dish that takes hours of prep, expensive ingredients only to have your mother say “that’s such a waste of ingredients”!

Well of course it’ll take some amount of effort and preparation, so give it your best as an inexperienced home chef! The love put into the food will make up for its taste (also the wine glasses and oversized plates with little food), that we’ll guarantee!

“Copying” Her Recipes


Making one of her staple dishes can be a good surprise for her! Find something simple to make, and find difficulty even in the simplest recipes! Enjoy the little bits of reaction she’ll have as she samples and critiques your dish with a smile. 

Yes, we know ma’~ Your cooking is the best!

Remember that no matter how badly it turns out, NEVER let your mother take over the process because it ruins the purpose of the ‘gift’! She’ll be itching to help out, but coax her on the sofa and have her wait like how you’d usually be until you’re called for dinner!

4) Family Movie and Games


Sometimes, what your mother needs on a Sunday is to whittle the time away leisurely. Not doing anything special, is special in its own way. If you want to keep them company or engaged as she settles with her lazy bones, play a Netflix movie while she’s on the couch.

Or, well, bring her into the immersive worlds of console games played on the big TV. Bring her into different worlds, sights and sounds at the leisure of her couch. And give her plenty of hugs with that company!

5) Gifting Beauty and Care Products


Gifting beauty products can sometimes be an age thing, so it’s lower on our list. Products like lavender baths, hydrating spa treatments or exfoliating scrubs are all very common in gift bags. If you wanna take a step further and make the gift more personal, you can make a beauty product yourself

The Greatest Gift is Saying “I Love You


Finally, we have just one last way for you to truly celebrate this special day with your mother.

“I love you,” Three words, yet they carry the intention of the best gift she can ever have. Don’t let work or long distances become an excuse. Give her a call. Spell out those words with the utmost sincerity.

But no matter what you choose to give her, your mother will embrace everything with an open heart and humour.

“Happy Mother’s Day.” To the greatest mom ever.

Rum Tan

Rum Tan is the founder of SmileTutor and he believes that every child deserves a smile. Motivated by this belief and passion, he works hard day & night with his team to maintain the most trustworthy source of home tutors in Singapore. In his free time, he writes articles hoping to educate, enlighten, and empower parents, students, and tutors. You may try out his free home tutoring services via or by calling 6266 4475 directly today.