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Rise To Prominence

Tools to help you be present and visible where parents and students search


Capture their first attention

Featured listings are well-distinguished by the prominent, bright and bold FEATURED badge. Make your listing stand out in the sea of similar-looking listings with just this 1 simple addition.

Rank Priority

Unsurpassed listings exposure.

With the Rank Priority, your Featured tuition centre listing will now appear above any other non-featured listings , and making it even easier for parents and students to reach your listing.

Recommendations Priority

Boost your student referral numbers.

Featured listings will be recommended over non-featured listings in our Get Recommendations option for parents and students, and you can await potential students enrolling into your tuition centre more readily* * - via our student referral programme

Tell Your Story

Tools to make your tuition centre listing irresistible to parents and students

Unique Cover Picture

Personalise your tuition centre listing

Introduce eye-catching graphics to your tuition centre listing with the fully-customizable Unqiue Cover Picture. Improve your listing’s brand design cohesiveness, and pin up your promotional advertisements.

Unlock Testimonials & Awards

Share your successes to make a lasting impression

Document your tuition centre’s credibility and effectiveness by showing the success stories of your past students, and displaying your awards and media recognitions achieved, in our easy-to-read medium.

Expand Your Reach

Tools to build awareness and maintain your spotless reputation

Reviews Manager

Don’t let reputation issues bite you in the revenue

The Featured Reviews Manager includes the ability to hide inaccurate or defamatory reviews with a simple click, ensuring that your tuition centre reviews will always remain accurate and professional.


Maximising your exposure everywhere

Spotlight contains quick links to highlighted Featured Listings, and can be found all around the website. Parents and students will be redirected to your listing when they click on your link inside Spotlight.

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An average student spends S$2000 per year on tuition per subject. *

Earn back at least 40x your investment by getting just one new student per month from our platform.

* Statistics are adapted from materials by A&A Dukaan Financial Services